Drainage Solutions & Fescue Grass Sod

The Outdoor Living Tip of the Day is Drainage Solutions & Fescue Grass Sod. From a muddy mess to a new lawn, we installed a French drain. Included with the drain was several pipe outs. In addition, we laid down new Fescue grass sod. Happy times ahead in this backyard in Charlotte. Thanks Debbie Blair Stallings for the business and allowing us to create your Drainage Solutions.

The Benefits of Sod for your yard!

  • Grows best in hot climates and may become dormant after frost, but recovers quickly when temperatures warm. Perfect for Charlotte’s constant changing weather.
  • Drainage Solutions.
  • Performs best in full sun.
  • From sod, this grass establishes very quickly
  • Drought tolerant; withstanding drought by going into dormancy until sufficient rainfall resumes.
  • Provides fast recuperative rates from traffic and wear
  • Vigorous-growing lawn
  • Beautiful green-colored blades
  • Lawns retain color well under stress
  • High turf density and strength, with quick recovery from wear
  • Exhibits dense growth and competes with the presence of turf weeds
  • Tolerance to and quick recovery from pest damage
  • Can tolerate relatively high soil and water salt concentration
  • Can be installed as dormant sod


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