Looking to spruce up your home and landscape? Stone pavers could be just what you are looking for to add to your home. Paving stones can be used to create many appealing features such as, walkways, patios, driveways, courtyards and more! Having stone pavers can be a lasting addition to your landscape that you will enjoy for years to come. At Mr. Outdoor Living we offer different shapes, sizes, textures, patterns and colors to choose from to help make your home stand out from others.

There are many advantages to having stone pavers around your property. They are long lasting and extremely durable, being able to withstand heavy amounts of traffic, extreme temperature changes and all kinds of weather elements. They are water resistant and help force water to drain into the sand filled edges around them. The sand joints help keep the stones in position and provide sturdiness to the structure. Stone pavers are extremely easy to replace should they become damaged in any way. Besides being very durable, paving stones also add a much needed visual appeal to your home’s landscape. Stone pavers bring out more texture and color to your home to help it stand out from the rest.

Mr. Outdoor Living have many years of experience under their belt to help you choose what would work best for your home. With stone pavers, design options are limitless to suit your desires and needs for your landscape. You can choose from a variety of materials such as limestone, sandstone, blue-stone, slate, brick, concrete and granite. We will help you achieve your landscaping goals. Whether you want a simple walkway installed or a large patio, no project is too big or small for us. Give us a call today for more information about stone pavers or any of our other services.

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Client Testimonials

“They transformed my yard. We went from an unusable backyard to one we will use forever. Any issues we pointed out were fixed right away. I simply love the yard. 3 day project; Crew finished filling of my “lil river” and patio in 1 day, sod was completed in half a day. Professional, friendly, and timely I’m looking for another yard project just so they can do it.”

Yolanda H.
Fort Mill, SC

“Bill and his crew did an amazing job improving the livability of our outdoor space. We were unsure what could address a rather steep drop-off on one side of our covered porch and Bill’s plan fixed the issue and looks great. Throughout the process, Bill and his team were always on time, responsive and checked in on my satisfaction throughout the days. Looking forward to working with Bill again for a future phase!”

Andrew K.
Fort Mill, SC