Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has become a popular addition to any home. Lighting the front of the home as well as within the backyard Outdoor Living space brings the evening party into night without the darkness. Upscale LED lighting is not only energy efficient, but set on a timer. LED uplights shine on specimen trees, boulders or the front of the home. LED path lights light up your paver patio without the intense brightness of your flood light. LED cap lights go under your outdoor kitchen or seating wall and provide the evening get together with plenty of outdoor lighting. Lastly, if you are fortunate enough to have a water feature, the custom night time lighting is as spectacular as the waterfalls.
Greyed Nickel Blu Grande Slab Smooth


Greyed Nickel Blu Grande Slab Smooth



Client Testimonials

“They did an amazing job redoing our entire backyard. Great work, done quickly and also exactly when they said it would. Very highly recommended”

Michelle C.
Indian Trail, NC