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Summer Plantings – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Summer Plantings 🌧 These plantings are enjoying the humidity and rain in Charlotte today. Much more work still needs to be installed, but the paver paver and some landscaping was completed before the wet weather occurred. Sometimes even being essential can’t get the job finished quickly. Summer plantings need proper irrigation [...]

Outdoor Grill & Kitchen Area – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Outdoor Grill & Kitchen Area A few exterior upgrades has been completed for this wonderful home in Weddington. The main attraction is the Outdoor Grill & Kitchen area with a very nice supporting role of plenty of cool curb appeal built with the following: Install a custom Outdoor Kitchen grill island [...]

Landscaping after a pool is installed 🌲

Landscaping after a pool is installed 🌲 Grading, sod, privacy plantings and more are completed after this pool was installed. TifWay Bermuda grass sod, Emerald Green Arborvitae trees, NE River Jacks, and Pine Bark Mulch were used to finish the construction. Summer is here and this homeowner in Masons Bend (Fort [...]

Drainage – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Drainage These are three different jobs all requiring some sort of drainage solution. From mud in Charlotte, North Carolina to massive erosion in Lake Wylie, South Carolina trenching, grading, river rock, catch basins, channel drains, pipe outs, boulders and more can protect your home and make it more beautiful. [...]

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Pathways with Dryscape – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Pathways with Dryscape  These two homes in Tega Cay, SC used creative ways to construct two dryscape pathways. One home has PA Fieldstone Steppers and Limeglow Juniper. The other home has white pea gravel surrounded by TN River Rock (2” - 5” sizes). One home has Double Hammered Hardwood mulch and [...]

Dryscape – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Dryscape Utilizing river rock and boulders to help this berm become more beautiful was our task. Helping prevent erosion so the customer can enjoy the plantings and weed removal was accomplished in the Palisades in Charlotte. Making Homes [...]

Drainage Solutions – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Drainage Solutions No fun having a muddy play set area... so we created and built the following drainage solutions: Installed one channel drain and one catch basin complete with approximately 100 of buried black corrugated pipe (pipe out) and day lighted it towards the low areas Significantly trenched and installed three [...]

Paver Patio Fire Pit Island 🔥 – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Paver Patio Fire Pit Island 🔥 A Paver Patio Fire Pit Paver Island, Belgard Fossil Dublin Cobble Paver Patio and Pathway, Boulder Steps, TN River Rock, Plantings, Irrigation, Mulch and more has been completed in the backyard at North Shore (Mooresville, NC). Making Homes More Beautiful [...]

Drainage Solutions – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Drainage Solutions Using a combination of pipe outs (buried black corrugated pipe) for the downspouts, a new catch basin and a new channel drain will keep the mud and water off the carport and more. Furthermore, trenching and installing a ton of TN River Rock (2” - 4” sizes) to create [...]

Water Features – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Water Features Nothing beats the sound of listening to the water over boulders and rocks. A water feature is a great way to soften the noice of a busy road that’s close to your home Outdoor Living oasis. Tamara Judd Carlson gets to enjoy this whenever she wants. [...]