Spooky House Contest – Mr. Outdoor Living

Spooky House Contest Halloween is less than two weeks away. Pumpkins are carved, and skeletons and spooky ghouls are hung. Be aware of your step for cobb webs may surprise you. Share your haunted front-yard or backyard using #mroutdoorliving. Top three will be posted on our page where you can vote for your [...]

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Paver Patio Shopping – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Paver Patio Shopping The SiteOne Hardscape Center in Charlotte is a great place to shop for your paver patio. This is a fantastic second meeting place to discuss colors, prices and patterns. The first meeting is at the home to create the design and determine the square footage. #mroutdoorliving [...]

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French Drains – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

French Drains Drainage is an important issue to take care of around your home. This customer in Charlotte had a few French drains installed as well as a catch basin complete with pipe outs (buried black 4” corrugated pipe). Furthermore, an upgrade of a paver driveway expansion (2’ on either side) was [...]

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Curbing with Celtik Edging – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Curbing with Celtik Edging This clean Celtik Edging is a Curbing that is a great border between the grass and the landscaping bed. Installed with brackets and nails, this Curbing does not move and is maintenance free. #mroutdoorliving Want More! We do [...]

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Plantings Warranty – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Plantings Warranty Plants can die. It happens for a number of reasons. However, most will live and thrive if they are professionally chosen and installed. Yet, things happen and it should not be an issue to maintain the beautiful landscaping. How’s 75% off retail after the warranty has expired? $18.75 and the [...]

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Outdoor Living – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Outdoor Living What is Outdoor Living? In my opinion, it’s everything around the exterior of your home (Patios, Plantings & More). These two terrific Outdoor Living projects are next door to each other in the amazing South Charlotte neighborhood of Thornhill.  The first is getting a new Belgard Savannah Grana paver patio, [...]

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Royal Rembrandt Veronica – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Royal Rembrandt Veronica The Outdoor Living Tip of the Day is a famous purple perennial is Royal Rembrandt Veronica. Otherwise known as a Speedwell, this beautiful and healthy spreading perennial is a favorite for many 🐝 🐝 🐝 #mroutdoorliving Want More! [...]

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Splurge on Materials – Outdoor Living tip of the Day

Splurge on Materials The Outdoor Living Tip of the Day is Splurge on Materials. When making a decision on what you want, it is usually wise to choose what you love. Here at Mr. Outdoor Living a customer really wanted the Belgard Belgian Stone Old World pavers and it’s exactly what we [...]

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Grill with Bull – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Grill with Bull Grill with Bull is the Outdoor Living tip of the day. Now available and local (wholesale at SiteOne) Bull grills and appliances. Your new dream outdoor kitchen can be designed and built to perfection. Bull has the best warranty in the business!!! Free advice with the best price. Outdoor [...]

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Tamp that ABC – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Tamp that ABC Tamp the ABC is the outdoor living tip of the day. Tamping the Aggregate Base Course to the proper grade is extremely important to the longevity of a paver patio. Hardscape projects use this method for many types of projects to prevent cracking and settling over time. A compacted [...]

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