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Fescue Grass – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Fescue Grass The dark green late autumn color of a Fescue grass lawn in Charlotte makes all that year long care worth it. Keep the leaves off the best you can and cut at about 4” high. Enjoy Thanksgiving week 🩃 [...]

New Lawn – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

New Lawn BEFORE & AFTER With so many trees in Mooresville, clearing needed to be done... trees removed, grading, screened fill dirt, LawnMax top soil, Fescue grass seed and fixing the irrigation. Thank you Jenny Eastman for referring me to these wonderful new home owners. [...]

Fescue Grass Seed – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Fescue Grass Seed During the last few weeks of September to mid October each year is the best time to Fescue grass seed your lawn. You can either aerate and/or add topsoil to help the new grass grow. Proper irrigation is also important to assist in the germination process. #mroutdoorliving [...]