Arbors, Trellises and Pergolas

At Mr. Outdoor Living we build custom arbors, trellises and pergolas for your outdoor living space.  We have many years of experience in framework and carpentry to help build your personal arbor, trellis or pergola.  We can work with many different types of wood and materials to give each design its own personal touch.  Adding a custom built arbor, trellis or pergola can add an aesthetic appeal to anywhere in your backyard.

An arbor will enhance the appearance of any garden or backyard.  Besides adding a visually appealing feature, they can be used for climbing roses or vines to provide decoration.  Arbors are a great finishing touch to any landscape or garden.

Trellises are a framework mainly used for growing vines and flowers that climb up.  They can make a plain wall in a decorative feature that is eye catching.  Use them for your roses to make your guests envious of your backyard.  They can be used to spruce up any garden.

Having a pergola makes any backyard have that “wow” factor.  We have many designs and materials that you can choose from.  They make a great addition to a pool or patio area.  They create a shady area that is perfect to relax by the pool and enjoy the outdoors.