Retaining walls are a necessary Outdoor Living item for severely sloped yards.To help prevent erosion and manage the water runoff certain retaining walls are needed. Sometimes an existing retaining wall is built out of wood or railroads ties. Over time, this type of product can decay and need to be removed.



One of the best solutions is replacing the old material with a permanent product like a concrete retaining wall block. A Belgard Diamond 9D retaining wall all in the color of Sheffield is a good choice. Not only does the Belgard Diamond 9D retaining wall rectify the issue, but it helps make the home more beautiful.



After the tear out, the next step in the production process is installing a strong foundation. Digging out the dirt and ensuring the depth is deep enough is important. Installing approximately  6” of compacted 67 stone is the proper base. A 4” black perforated corrugated pipe should be used behind the Belgard Diamond 9D retaining wall to help prevent any failure to the structural integrity of the wall.

Day 1 Construction


First Course


The first course of Sheffield Belgard Diamond 9D retaining wall block is placed on the compacted stone after the levels are checked and correct. Additional 67 stone is placed on top of the perforated corrugated pipe behind the wall. The purpose of stone on top of the pipe is to help prevent dirt from getting into the holes of the pipe and clogging it.

Proper Drainage


After each block if placed on the compacted 67 stone, the levels are checked. After the first course is complete, the next course begins. A strong long-lasting glue like Gator Block Bond is used between each layer of Belgard Diamond 9D retaining wall block. Depending on the height of the wall, several layers of block are needed.

Production in Process


To make sure the home looks as appealing as possible, stair stepping down the block is the best solution. Most lawns are graded unevenly and the slope varies from right to left. Therefore, adjusting the new Sheffield Belgard Diamond 9D retaining wall block height to custom fit the yard is required.

Almost Finished


After each wall block is glued and each layer is built dirt is installed behind the wall. On the top of the wall is a matching capstone. This Sheffield Belgard Diamond 9D capstone has an approximately 2” lip over the retaining wall black. It is glued into place and cut whenever needed. Saw cuts are used for the retaining wall block as well for curving corners.

Completed Close Up


Mr. Outdoor Living always cleans up all of the construction related debris and leaves the homeowner with the tremendous satisfaction of a job well done. If your yard is severely sloped and you need something done about it, contact Mr. Outdoor Living. If you have an old retaining wall that has been slowly rotting and may collapse, contact Mr. Outdoor Living. If you just need some free advice with the best price, contact Mr. Outdoor Living.