A Putting Green Dream

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a putting green in your backyard? Well when working with Mr. Outdoor Living that possibility can come true. This artificial turf surface can be used year round. It is fun and practically maintenance free.

A putting green project is built with a fringe. The fringe is a higher area around the green. The fringe is also fun and can be used as a chipping area. The entire area is fun for the whole family. Mr. Outdoor Living makes is easy to enjoy this Outdoor Living space.

The putting green installation process with Mr. Outdoor Living is precise. It starts with the custom free design, discussion and price. Next, after agreeing to the work, we dig out the area.

Step 1

After the grade and area is confirmed, we install an aggregate base compound (ABC). The ABC is at least 4” thick and is tamped troughally to properly compact the base. The pitch of the area is perfect and screenings are carefully installed.

Grade, ABC and Screenings

The maximum width of the putting green area is fifteen feet. The putting green design is usually a curving course with a natural overall pitch. The fringe stays a consistent sixteen inches around the entire putting green. Therefore, the putting green area would be approximately thirteen feet wide at the widest point.

The length of the entire putting green area is usually approximately twenty eight feet and the overall square footage is approximately 420. This area is large enough to accomodate three putting green holes. The fun and games enjoyed by all are endless with this putting green project.

The putting green is laid out separately and left to sit in the sun for a couple of hours.

Let the Green get Sunshine

Then the fringe is laid out on the screenings. It is cut with a sharp blade along the exterior making sure the relief cuts are done first. Next, it is properly nailed into the tamped ABC base with 6” nails. When we nail the fringe we try not to trap any fibers.  

The Fringe Exterior is Complete

After cutting the fringe 16” from the exterior, we remove the interior of the fringe. 

The Fringe Interior is Cut

Mr. Outdoor Living rolls the cut fringe on top of the putting green.

The Green is Ready to be Cut

Then we carefully cut the putting green. It is cut a little bigger than the fringe. 

The Cut Green is in the Fringe

Next, we place it on the putting green within the fringe and trim it perfectly.

Trim the Fringe

Now we place holes on green and practice with golf balls. The crew pulls back the green and we install the the three holes by doing the following:

    1. Dig the hole using a post hole digger
    2. Install some 67 stone
    3. Install a little ABC and compact every few inches
    4. Place the cup and install it 5/16” above the screenings
    5. Install more ABC compacting with the back of the hammer and repeat
    6. Add screenings around the cup
    7. Use a level to make sure everything is perfect

Install the Cups

Mr. Outdoor Living lays the green back down and install seaming tape along all areas using nails on the green side only. We lift the putting green and fridge where the seam is and glue it down with a Gator Block Bond High Strength glue. We nail the fringe along the seam and place the bags of sand to ensure a strong bond.

Attatch the Seam

After about an hour, we remove the bags of sand, blow the green clean, and brush in the Green Sand Infill.

Sweep the Sand

Finally, we blow the green clean and it is ready for playing golf.

Putting Green Finished

Several plantings, boulders, and lights we installed for this project.