Designing and building a paver patio on a significant slope is not easy. However, with the professionals at Mr. Outdoor Living, we build it correctly and make it affordable. After we spray paint the backyard we are ready for the tear out.

Retaining Wall Footing

When you install a retaining wall you should dig out a footing and place 67 stone in the base. We obviously make sure everything is level. Next, we install the first course of retaining wall block. In this project, we are using a Belgard Sheffield Celtik 135 mm single-sided retaining wall block. To provide additional hardscape strength, we installed Soil Separator and GeoGrid.

67 Stone and Retaining Wall

The process of installing this paver patio with a retaining/seating wall is meticulous.

Building the Retaining Wall

Each layer of retaining wall block as well as the dirt height needs to me installed correctly.

Finishing the Retaining Wall

When the bottom layers are completed ABC is needed. The Aggregate Base Compound or ABC is, in elementary terms, a mixture of materials that has a great range of sizes from microscopic to over one inch.  As the simple name it has suggests; it is intended to be used as an easily compacted base.

Easy as ABC

The Outdoor Living project is a new paver patio (approx. 420 sq. ft.) complete with at least 4” of compacted ABC (additional ABC will be needed because of the grade) and washed screenings.

Installing Pavers with Washed Screenings

The pavers are Belgard Dublin Cobble all in the color of Fossil Beige. They are set in a 3-piece-pattern with a matching soldier course border. Gray Polymeric sand is installed the joints.

Belgard Dublin Cobble 3PC – Fossil Beige

This beautiful project also needs the Belgard Sheffield Celtik 135 mm single-sided retaining wall block. Because of the grade, we need the Belgard Sheffield Celtik 135 mm freestanding wall block as a seating wall (there will be a few small openings in the seating wall to allow for drainage).

Paver Patio and Seating Wall

There are two different capstones.

Paver Patio with a Retaining/Seating Wall

The first is a Belgard Sheffield Celtik single-sided capstone used closer to grade level.

Border Close Up

The other is a Belgard Sheffield Celtik freestanding capstone where both sides are already chiseled. The sides of the seating wall need to be custom chiseled. We use a “break” to ensure that the Outdoor Living project looks the best.

End of Seating Wall



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