Paver Patio Addition – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day


Discover the impressive results of a Paver Patio Addition in Charlotte, featured in today’s Outdoor Living Tip of the Day. Our team successfully expanded the patio without requiring a retaining wall, despite the property’s significant grade. The end result is a remarkable Outdoor Living space that surpasses the homeowner’s expectations.

Our team of professionals meticulously planned and expertly crafted the Paver Patio Addition to seamlessly integrate with your existing landscape. Our patio is built using high-quality materials, such as pavers and a solid base of ABC (aggregate base course), ensuring long-term durability and stability.

The patio expansion provides homeowners with ample space to create an exceptional Outdoor Living experience. Our carefully curated selection of elements, including a wood Tiki Bar and a cozy fire pit, enhances the space with both elegance and functionality. Our wood Tiki Bar is designed to be the centerpiece of social gatherings, while the fire pit adds warmth and creates a welcoming atmosphere for entertaining guests or enjoying peaceful evenings outdoors.

Our Paver Patio Addition enhances the aesthetic appeal of your backyard while also adding value to your property. Our product seamlessly integrates the indoor and Outdoor Living spaces, providing homeowners with the opportunity to appreciate the natural surroundings without compromising on the comforts of their home.


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