Maintenance Free Backyard – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

No lawn to mow and no mud to mess with at this upscale neighborhood in Charlotte at Waldron Grove, they’re all Maintenance Free Backyard (s). A small paver patio with some plantings was the first phase solution. We also manipulated the grade and added a little river rock to help prevent erosion. Thank you Deborah Draeger Broughton and happy Friday.

Some Free to Low Maintenance Ideas


If maintenance free is what you’re looking for then look no further than rocks. Once you’ve lain and structured them out you don’t have to worry about them again, no grass, no water, no fuss. You can even lay out rocks to build your own personal dry creek bed.

If certain spots of your yard get constantly wet you can use rocks for their bonus feature, aiding the water towards running off instead of collecting. This will help you in keeping your mud and mosquitoes under control!

Rain Garden

Another great way of using your wet spots is by adding a rain garden on top of them. This helps reduce water runoff by allowing your chosen plants to feed off of the water instead. You can also create a simple to maintain focal point that’ll end up being the talk of the neighborhood if done right!

Tall Grass

Don’t like mowing? Or maybe you just don’t have the budget to pay someone. Either way, you can always get tall grass that never even needs to be mowed. These beautiful beasts can double as privacy screens. The only maintenance these tall beauties will require is a quick trimming in late fall.


Adding rocks over your grass to create a path can not only increase the beauty of your yard but can also help reduce the grass you have to maintain.

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