A Belgard paver patio, fire pit and landscaping in the backyard of your home is one of the best Outdoor Living investments. Not only is the daily use and amazing beauty perfect to enjoy, but it lasts for decades. Great memories are made in Outdoor Living spaces. Mr. Outdoor Living specializes in these spaces.

Pavers and Fire Pit

This project was built in Indian Land, South Carolina. The community is called The Retreat at Rayfield. The homeowner is an engineer and expected the best. Mr. Outdoor Living delivered the superior Outdoor Living space. Together they designed the paver patio, fire pit and landscaping. After the HOA approved the project, the backyard Outdoor Living design was spray painted on the lawn. Next, it’s dug out and ABC (aggregate base course) in installed and tamped.

Installing ABC

Mr. Outdoor Living installs the ABC to perfection. This is a very important part of the overall construction process. Hardscape paver patios are meant to last for several decades. The correct amount of ABC and the proper compaction is vital. The pitch of the patio is also determined at this step. A correctly installed paver patio does not hold water or crack in several years. When Mr. Outdoor Living has the base (ABC) completed screenings are installed.


Sometimes the slope of the yard is significant. Therefore, extra ABC is needed. Some paver patios might require a retaining wall because of the grade. However, to save money, Mr. Outdoor Living creatively uses extra ABC, dirt and landscaping. This is also useful for providing a more natural looking Outdoor Living space.

Belgard Dublin Cobble Fossil Pavers

The Belgard Dublin Cobble Fossil pavers are set in a 3-piece-pattern with gray polymeric sand in the joints. The purpose of the polymeric sand is to bond the pavers together. The polymeric sand also gets soft when wet. Therefore, it doesn’t crack over time like mortar. Furthermore, a homeowner doesn’t need to add more over time. This Belgard paver patio is as maintenance free as any other product on the market.

Belgard BelAir Fossil Fire Pit

The Belgard BelAir Fossil fire pit is a work of art. Each piece is percisely cut to create a circle of fun for years to come. It’s texture is unique and classy too. It blends well with the Belgard Dublin Cobble Fossil pavers. The capstone is smooth on the top for seating (when there is no fire obviously) or to place something on top to change the fire pit into a table (when it’s warm for cake, party gifts, or Hors d’oeuvres).

Paver Patio and Fire Pit from above

The base of the fire pit has no polymeric sand,  lava rock or other materials. The water can slowly seep in between the paver joints. The fire pit area can also be cleaned after a winter of significant fires full of good times. No part of the porject is overlooked. We install pipe outs (buried 4″ black corrugated pipe), plantings and TN Brown natural stone as stepping stones. To save a little money, the customer even purchased and installed his own mulch. At Mr. Outdoor Living, we work together as a team to create the best Outdoor Living space at the most affordable price. The ROI (return on investment) is high when working with Mr. Outdoor Living.