Privacy Plantings – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Nellie Stevens Holly Trees

When you live in a neighborhood, like the amazing community of Thornhill, a little privacy screening is a necessity. We installed nine Nellie Stevens Holly trees today to help with privacy. In addition, all the trees were planted complete with a quality top soil and the existing irrigation was repaired. Birds love nesting in these evergreen trees enjoying there peaceful privacy. Furthermore, Nellie Stevens Holly Trees also grow fast and can be hedged easily.


At Mr. Outdoor Living we can help you turn your yard into a beautiful landscape that you can enjoy for many years. Designing the perfect landscape for your home takes a lot of planning and time. The trusted experts at Mr. Outdoor Living can help design and create the landscape you have always dreamed of having. Whether you want to touch up an area around your house with a few extra plants or want to make your whole back yard in a beauty relaxing area, we can help you with what you need. Landscaping with Mr. Outdoor Living will help make your property stand out from the rest. Read more here


Your landscaping is the ultimate majestic beauty of your home. With so many seasonal colors and diverse species of shrubs and trees, a state-of-the-art landscape around your home creates a masterpiece to be adored. “When I bring a buyer to a home that features state-of-the-art landscaping and elements like a fire pit and high-end pavers, there’s an immediate assumption that the inside of the house will be as spectacular as the outside,” says, John Duffy of Duffy Real Estate. “The new mantra in home buying is location, location, landscape.” Read more here