Professionally installed outdoor lighting brings a home to life at night. Installing the correct combination of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights is the key to a successfully lit house. The solid brass, heavy duty, professional grade LED lights look spectacular when lit on your home.

Mr. Outdoor Living in BridgeHampton

Mr. Outdoor Living uses Valor LED lights. They offer style and function without compromise. The uplights are sleek with straight lines. The dual o-ring shroud feature makes this uplight an essential feature when lighting trees, columns, or any other tall structures.

Brass Fixture

Mr. Outdoor Living makes installing LED lights around your home simple, easy and impressive. We do not need an electrician to install your outdoor lighting system. Usually a 150 watt LED Transformer is used. It is connected with wire to an array of LED lights. A timer is also install to make your new LED lighting system efficient and maintenance free.


The correct combination and placement of the LED lights are essential to an illuminating evening. Mr. Outdoor Living creates a lit masterpiece of Outdoor Living space with many different fixtures.


  • Hardscape lights outdoor kitchens, bars or seating walls


  • Niche and Pathlights walkways and area lighting


  • Water lights water features


  • Polymer fixtures plantings and home


  • Well lights boulders and home


  • Uplights specialty trees and home


The home, Outdoor Living area and prize landscape features are the focus of a quality outdoor lighting project. Whether you are subtly illuminating an elegant pathway for a desired effect, or reaching for the tree top, Mr. Outdoor Living’s LED lamps provide the solution. With our wide range of wattages and beam spreads we can fully illuminate any project.

LED Lamps

The LED bulbs are usually one or two watts. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. The tiny diode fits easily into an electric circuit. Unlike ordinary incandescent lamps, they do not have a filament that burns out or gets hot. Individual LEDs are binned and then clustered on a circuit board to create an array, which is then incorporated into a lamp.

LEDs are created as a flat sheet, known as a wafer. Then they are separated into tiny “chips” and binned according to three characteristics:


  • Color temperature
  • CRI
  • Lumen output


Now your Outdoor Living space is ready to enjoy at night. Let Mr. Outdoor Living light up your home.