Berm Beautification – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day


Berm beautification is a great way to add visual interest to a property, while also providing functional benefits like erosion control and noise reduction. Mixing dryscape and landscape elements can create a dynamic and low-maintenance design that is both beautiful and sustainable.

Here are some tips for incorporating dryscape and landscape elements into your berm beautification project:

1 Start with a good base: Before you begin planting or adding any decorative elements, make sure the berm is properly graded and stabilized. This will help prevent erosion and ensure that your plants and decorations stay in place.

2 Choose low-maintenance plants: Drought-resistant plants like succulents, cacti, and ornamental grasses are great choices for berm landscaping. They require little water or maintenance, and can add interesting textures and colors to the space.

3 Mix in rocks and boulders: Rocks and boulders can add visual interest to your berm, while also providing structural support and helping to prevent erosion. Try mixing in different sizes and colors of rocks for a varied and natural look.

4 Add a focal point: Consider adding a sculpture, birdbath, or other decorative element to the top of the berm as a focal point. This can help draw the eye and create a sense of visual interest.

5 Use mulch or gravel to prevent weeds: To keep weeds at bay and prevent erosion, consider adding a layer of mulch or gravel to the top of your berm. This can also help retain moisture in the soil and improve the overall health of your plants.

By incorporating both dryscape and landscape elements into your berm beautification project, you can create a dynamic and low-maintenance design that will enhance your property for years to come.


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