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My name is Luke Goldstein. I am a finance graduate from UNC Charlotte. I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am here to make your outdoor living space a dream come true.

Natural Stone Veneer – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Natural Stone Veneer We are in the process of building an Outdoor Living paradise in the Palisades (Charlotte, NC). This fabulous feature being installed is a Fire Pit Place with two Fire Boxes. The facade is a Bob Timberlake Natural Stone Veneer all in the color of Catawba. Great work and keep [...]

Curbing with Celtik Edging – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Curbing with Celtik Edging This clean Celtik Edging is a Curbing that is a great border between the grass and the landscaping bed. Installed with brackets and nails, this Curbing does not move and is maintenance free. #mroutdoorliving Want More! We do [...]

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Irrigation Misters – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Irrigation Misters Correctly keeping plantings alive in the heat of the summer is not an easy task.🥵 However, after many years of trial and error, irrigation misters seem to work the best for perennials and some shrubs. #mroutdoorliving Want More! We do [...]

Fire Pit Place – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Fire Pit Place A Fire Pit Place is not a Fire Pit or a Fireplace, it’s in between... not too tall, not too small, but just right. It’s a good balance of an Outdoor Living feature and hardscape project. Built with Belgard Sheffield Celtik Retaining Wall Block and TN Natural Stone Capstones [...]

Free Perennials – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Free Perennials Once in a while we have a customer so generous and kind that I decide to do a free upgrade. Therefore, I hand picked these six blooming perennials and we will plant them. Thank you for your business and friendship Devra! May God bless you and your family. #mroutdoorliving [...]

Boulders – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Boulders Placing boulders and plantings around a home is a magnificent upgrade for color and maintenance free good looking exterior space. A pallet of boulders can usually be enough to accent the landscaping for any house. This project is located in Waterside at the Catawba, Fort Mill SC. We will be building [...]

Pine Needles – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Pine Needles It’s amazing how installing LongLeaf Pine Needles will transform this home into a wonderful landscape of beauty. This home in Rock Hill, SC is just one example of how Pine Needles should be installed. #mroutdoorliving Want More! We do outdoor living [...]

Paver Patio Repair – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Paver Patio Repair Small Paver Patio repair projects and other minor Outdoor Living issues are easily taken care of... this Indian Land, SC job was a simple success. #mroutdoorliving Want More! We do outdoor living for a living. As an exterior designer for [...]

Paver Patio – Outdoor Living Living Tip of the Day

Paver Patio Building a Paver Patio is a several step process. It starts with a design (spray painted on the ground) and maybe an HOA approval (like this job in Pineville). After a few weeks and the HOA says YES, we schedule and the excitement gets bigger. This completed Paver Patio project [...]

Stepping Stones – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

Stepping Stones Using these Rustic Buff stepping stones buried within the Bermuda grass makes and nice natural pathway from the paver patio to the front door. This Pineville, NC project will be completed today before the weekend. #mroutdoorliving Want More! We do outdoor [...]