Bubbling Rock – Outdoor Living Tip of the Day

The Project

A cost effective water feature is a bubbling rock. We drill a hole in a custom selected boulder complete with basin, pump, river rock and more. Simply fill it up with water and enjoy. An outdoor living feature has a high return on investment. The soft sounds of the bubbling rock is different than the standard fire features  

Steps to Install a Bubbling Rock

  1. Find the ideal location to where you want to put it
  2. Excavate the spot you choose
  3. Add a layer of sand for the base
  4. Install the pump kit
  5. Install the Bubbling Rock
  6. Enjoy the natural sounds of water flow in your backyard

Advantages of Bubbling Rocks

When water sits still, it starts to deteriorate and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes especially in tropical and subtropical climates. Bubbling rocks allow for the water to circulate and can be installed within small areas, which is an advantage for customers who have smaller yards. They can be installed indoors and outdoors, which make them viable even for people who live in apartments or urban environments. Perhaps the biggest advantage of bubbling rocks is that they are low in cost and maintenance!

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