Dog Bites – Accidents Happen

Dog bites can happen to anyone 🐶

Even if a guy on the crew gets bit by a dog, you handle it with dignity. Accidents do happen and that’s why insurance and understanding need to be implemented. Asking a contractor for their COI (Certificate of Insurance) is always a good question to ask. Especially when dealing with a company who works at your home. The contractor’s insurance agency needs to the up to date policy.

Our Experience

The gentlemen bit yesterday is okay and the customer felt sorrow and compassion. She gave him a $100 for some new jeans and all is well because we are fully covered with insurance and understanding. No one beats our crew!!! Get well soon, Nelson! #mroutdoorliving

Prevent Bites

The best way to prevent dog bites is by avoiding dogs,  that’s not always possible. Dogs can, and have, find creative ways in getting out of locked locations. If you’re a client looking for landscapers you might want to take your dog out of the area until the workers are done. Maybe you can take your special little guy to a dog park while the landscapers work, maybe you can take him to mom and pops place for the day or you can just leave him home if you feel truly comfortable he’ll stay put and can’t find his own way outside.

Got Bit? Here’s What you should do

  1. Apply some pressure to your wound so that you bleed some of the bacteria out.
  2. Wash your wound with some good ole soap and water in order to keep things clean.
  3. Dry the wound (should help slow the bleeding down as well).
  4. If available, apply over-the-counter antibiotic cream.
  5. Bandage your wound.
  6. Consider visiting a doctor as soon as possible.
  7. While waiting to visit the doctor, consider changing out your bandages and checking for signs of infection.


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